Feed your skin..

Favourite skin care products for my naked face! I have extremely sensitive, difficult skin and these have works wonders!

1) Hope in a Jar by Philosophy: I’ve been using this moisturizer since October and my actual skin has improved… I was hesitant to spend around $60 on a moisturizer but his is so worth the cost. My skin tone and texture has improved! It’s also so soothing and cool on my sensitive skin. Only con? There is no SPF so make sure you use another sunscreen.

2) pores no more by dr brandt: This is actually a makeup primer but I absolutely love using it alone. It’s a slightly tinted, medicated primer designed for combination/oily skin that really minimizes the appearance of pores and makes skin feel so silky!

3) Black Tea eye cream by fresh: I don’t generally like eye creams because they tend to irritate my eyes, create redness, etc. However, I got this sampler and have been using it daily now. It’s super soothing and leaves my eyes feeling rejuvenated. I like using it before bed :)

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