Healthy & Happy.

Happy hump day! I went to McDonald’s last night with a friend for a late night McFlurry run. I regret that this morning when I woke up with a tummy ache! I have lately been using The Organic Skinny by David’sTea when I feel like my tummy may be a bit upset. The ingredients contain ginger which helps aid with digestion (and also make you feel fuller). Plus it tastes sooooo good.

I also thought I should share my thoughts on Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. While I haven’t quite finished, I must say I have really enjoyed reading it thus far. If you do any research on Sylvia Plath, you’ll know why this book is such a good and eerie read. It also dives into mental health issues (I believe clinical depression) and portrays them from the author’s perspective. Learning the novel is semi-autobiographical was a haunting moment for me. I would definetly recommend this book to anyone with a little bit of a darker side, or anyone interested in mental health!

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