DIY Flower Frame.

Ever had a guy buy you flowers? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter! This is a beautiful way to display a dried rose.

Things you’ll need:
  1. A dried rose/flower
  2. A shadowbox frame (got mine from Michaels Craft Store)
  3. Push pins
  4. White/Coloured fabric (optional)

This is super easy… you literally let the flower dry for a while (I let mine dry for an entire month while I traveled to Peru) and then just gently pin it inside the shadow box.

If you would like to use a different coloured background in the frame, use from coloured fabric to tightly cover the frame backing! Sometimes using a white background allows the flower to stand out more.

I didn’t use any protective type spray, but I’m sure you can to make the flower last even longer and prevent it from over drying. Mine has been totally fine though and it’s been chillin’ in there for four whole months.


That’s it! Super simple, super elegant.

Got this idea from my good friend, Dalvir! 

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