Thought I should do a review of all my piercings. Comment if you have any questions!


I’ve had almost everywhere on both my ears done, and these have been my favourite piercings. I’ve had lobes, cartilage, anti-helix, tragus, snug, rook, and other random bits that I don’t know the name of.  Getting the actual piercings didn’t hurt much at all (except my rook felt a little uncomfortable) and all the healing was smooth! The only part of my ear that refuses to heal any piercing for some odd reason is the outer middle section (upper lobe and snug area).

Piercing Pain : 2

Healing Pain: 3

Over Satisfaction: 10


I got this one on a whim and only kept it for about a year. It stung a little to get and makes your one eye water a lot. But the overall healing was much easier (and cleaner) than I thought. I took this one out because I have very sensitive skin and sometimes the piercing would get irritated when I used certain products on my face. Don’t even have a scar now though!

Piercing Pain : 5

Healing Pain: 2

Over Satisfaction: 5


This was my favourite piercing, hands down. Getting the piercing done itself was literally painless. Shocking, I know, but it really only felt like a little bit of pressure. I was more scared than I was in pain. Now I must say that the first week after getting it pierced was horrible. My tongue was so swollen and eating was nearly impossible. After it healed (only took a couple weeks, really) and I got the shorter barbell (they put a long one at first since your tongue swells), I was so happy! I was always playing with my tongue ring and never had any tooth chipping accidents. That being said, I did use plastic jewelry a lot! I took this one out for a couple days while I was working with kids and it grew in so fast! So be careful if you take this one out, you’ll need to put it back in before yours closes up too!

Piercing Pain : 2

Healing Pain: 8

Over Satisfaction: 9


This was my first body piercing! I got this one 6 years ago and it has healed perfectly. Getting the piercing felt like a warm pinch, and the healing was a little rough but totally worth it. Just gotta be careful with high-waisted bottoms, loofas in the shower and bending over! This is definetly one of my favourite piercings though. I feel naked without it!

Piercing Pain : 6

Healing Pain: 6

Over Satisfaction: 10

Nape (Surface Piercing):

I really loved having this piercing while I did. It only lasted 6 months but was so pretty while it lasted. Getting the piercing itself didn’t hurt anything like you would expect, in fact I barely felt it. Definitely would say the navel hurt more! It actually healed much quicker than I thought too. I had to take it out because I was living in Bermuda for the summer and wearing a bikini everyday (I worked at a pool). The strap would go right on top of the piercing and would pull and irritate the piercing for hours. I eventually had to just take it out. :(

Piercing Pain : 5

Healing Pain: 4

Over Satisfaction: 7

Lower Back (Micro-dermal):

I will never get a dermal again. I got this one in the centre of my lower back and kept it for about a year. Healing was easy, getting the piercing done was easy, but simply having the piercing was hard. The piercing was centred so fell right on my spine. Anytime I would lie on a hard surface, tried to do sit ups, leaned against a wall, or pulled my pants up… I would feel the piercing and it did not feel good. It was really cute, but difficult to keep.  I surprisingly didn’t ever have any accidents with tearing either. To anyone getting a micro-dermal, just know that it does require good care!

Piercing Pain : 5

Healing Pain: 4

Over Satisfaction: 4

If you’re looking for a good place to get pierced in Canada, head over to Adrenaline! I’ve had many piercings done here and had excellent results. 

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