We’re all human.

I’ve noticed lately that many people around me treat everything like a competition. Who has the best grades? Who has the most money? Who has the most followers? Who has the most likes? Well I have a question. Who cares?

If it’s you that cares, you’re probably not feeling so confident about yourself. I cannot stress how unhealthy it is to constantly compare yourself to others. Who has more friends? Who has a better job? Who has better clothes?  Who’s better looking? Who cares?

This is something that has been said before but I’ve noticed this happens to women a lot more than men. It’s sad that we are constantly in competition with each other, trying to lift ourselves up above others. But why can’t we just lift ourselves up together? Or simply alone? Why does it always need to be in relation to other people?

I’m no life coach, but I recommend thinking about some of these things. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll probably live a more fulfilled and successful life. I have been focusing on these points lately and noticed a positive change in myself and even those around me.

  1. Look at what you already have. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on your iPhone or MacBook, in your house, at your university, at your library, at your community centre, etc. All of these things suggest that you already have more than the majority of the world. The fact that you can even read this says something too. Don’t take for granted what many people would dream to have.
  2. Look at all that you have achieved. Did you graduate from high school? University? Are you an athlete? Dancer? Singer? Are you a parent? Have you had a job you’ve loved? Taken a class you learned a lot from? Don’t forget about all you have accomplished. It’s sometimes hard to remember how amazing you actually are in such a competative, flashy world.
  3. Look at your support system. Do you have parents? Siblings? Grandparents? Teachers? Mentors? Friends? There are people that love you.
  4. Know that it’s okay to not be okay. Everyone has a bad day. Everyone has bad weeks. Shit happens. Acknowledge this but remember that feeling down is normal, healthy and temporary. In these moments, reach out to your support system.  You cannot be happy all the time! Balance is key.
  5. Be yourself and love yourself. Seriously. You will feel so much better about yourself and others once you learn to accept who you are and are doing what you love. This is the hardest thing to do but once you accept yourself, you will notice a huge change. Don’t ever try and be someone that you’re not and keep your passions close.

Once you’re able to fully embrace your life and who you are, you’ll probably notice you’re a lot more happy and healthy. It’s important to remember that we’re all human and not one of us is perfect. We’re all here experiencing life together so embrace it.

We’re all a lot more connected than you think.

A moment mentioned in my IUD: Day 1 post inspired me to write this piece: when I went to get my IUD, the two girls in the room next door were so kind. Kinder than the nurse. They could have easily ignored me (the groaning, puking girl next door) but instead they both came over, rubbed my back, got me water, comforted me and talked me through the pain. Before they left, they handed a note to my boyfriend for me wishing me well and giving me both of their phone numbers in case I needed someone.  That awful experience was made a little better, simply because these two women were selfless and caring to a stranger. It was a real “faith in humanity restored” moment and it’s these types of moments that I think should happen more often. 

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