Spring is finally here! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the summer shopping has begun. A good friend of mine is a MUA and we decided to do a photoshoot yesterday to showcase her amazing makeup skills and my new outfit! If you’re looking for someone to do your makeup, perhaps for graduation, or just looking to get your eyebrows threaded, give Dalvir a call or book online at www.deeartistry.ca

Top: H&M I’m in love with this style of top. The slit in the sleeves add a little bit of sexiness. It’s funny because when I first saw this shirt, I thought “what an ugly piece of clothing”. It wasn’t until I put it on that I fell in love! The pattern adds some personality and it was only $14.99! Super excited to wear this top this summer.

Jeans: H&M Just your average pair of light washed jeans. I have quite narrow hips and thin, long legs, so H&M jeans fit me quite well as they have many specific sizes.

Shoes: Fergie Shoes I didn’t even know Fergie made shoes! I had been looking for a pair of summery heels that are comfortable and not crazy high and I found them! I had been eyeing a few pairs by Steve Madden, but the expensive prices kept me from buying. These shoes are a similar style, yet cheaper and MUCH more comfortable. The thick heel makes walking easy and the added padding on the bottom of the shoe makes you feel as though you are wearing comfy insoles, even though you’re not! Highly recommend this shoe to anyone who hates wearing heels.

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