My most used LUSH products.

I was never much of a LUSH fan. The store’s strong smell and vibrant colours always made me a little scared to walk in. I’m so happy I decided to because I discovered some really great beauty products that I now use on the regular! The great thing about their products is that they are all natural so they are healthy for your skin/hair and LUSH does not test on animals.  Don’t be intimidated by the store because you will discover some really great products!


Here are my favourite LUSH products:

Marilyn (Hair Treatment) This is such a great hair mask, especially for blondes. It makes your hair feel super soft, and the ingredients help bring our your natural highlights! I usually put this on before bed, sleep with it in and then wash my hair as I normally would in the morning. Super easy way to give your hair some moisture and shine.

Daddy-O (Shampoo) I’m very picky with purple shampoos as many in the past have dried my hair out. I love this purple shampoo because it is all natural and lathers very well. It also works very well to remove the brassy tones from your hair.

R&B (Hair Moisturizer) This is my go to summer product, especially when I’m in the ocean. This is a thick moisturizer that works great with curly, thick hair. A little bit of product goes a long way here! I love this product because it defrizzes, defines my curls and adds moisture. This is a must have in your beach bag, especially you ladies with thick curls!

Tea Tree Water (Toner Water) I have very sensitive skin and occasionally breakout. I find this product not to harsh, yet effective. You can feel the toner working on your skin without drying it out or causing irritation. I use this everyday!

Ocean Salt (Face & Body Scrub) I love using this product when I feel my skin feeling a little dry and irritated, especially in the winter. Growing up on an island, I was always in the ocean and I didn’t realize the benefits of salt water until I left and wasn’t in the water as much. I find this product really exfoliates while also treating any skin problems. Just like the ocean, I find this product heals and restores my skin!

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7 thoughts on “My most used LUSH products.

      1. I like Lush products but I always find them too pricey. I might pop in and see if I can get a sample and try it.:)


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