Rag Machine

Wanna know a cool place to go thrift store shopping? Rag Machine. It’s located right on Broadway and Main Street.  All the clothes are placed in bins for you to sort through and find cool pieces.

A friend in class told me about this place. Basically, everything is sold by the pound! It’s a great place to find denim. I got a denim jacket here for under $5 and a dress for $5! I’ve had a really hard time lately trying to find a denim jacket that isn’t cropped but there were hundreds here! You just need to search through all the sizes. This whole outfit cost under $10!

The store is part of F is for Frank which sells vintage clothing. I’m really stoked to come back here when I have more time and do all my summer shopping. I think this is going to be a really great place to shop before Pemberton Music Festival. Denim and flannels for days!

8 thoughts on “Rag Machine

      1. I feel you…… I have a tiny frame and large chest… Makes shopping very difficult. Rag Machine definetly has larger sizes though and is very affordable :)


      2. You’re very welcomed:) I look forward to reading about that. Hopefully it’s something easy I can follow.


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