Make-up Setting Spray: Kat Von D vs NYX

Don’t waste your money on expensive products that don’t even work….

I recently went to Sephora to pick up a new make-up setting spray. I had tried NYX’s matte and glossy make-up setting sprays and liked them both so I went to Sephora in hopes of finding something even better. I usually find that Sephora has better quality makeup than the drug stores and thought I’d find a setting spray I adored.

I picked up Kat Von D’s Lock n’ Load Setting Spray and I have been quite disappointed. I had originally picked up Urban Decay’s All Nighter but the girl at check out recommended Kat’s spray instead as it didn’t have alcohol (which can dry out your skin) and was significantly cheaper. I suppose it was cheaper for a reason because I don’t think it even works.

The NYX make up setting sprays require one or two sprays and you’re set. I like that you can feel it working and it lasts for hours. I can go out at night, fall asleep with my make up on (sometimes, when drunk) and wake up in the morning and my make up is literally still in place.

On the other hand, Kat Von D’s spray just doesn’t seem to work as well. I know using sleeping isn’t a good judge of makeup, but waking up after using the spray just isn’t as glamourous. My makeup will be all over my face if I have used this one.

I suppose if you want something with a weaker hold that is much softer on the skin, go for Kat Von D. But if you want something that WORKS, go with the NYX sprays. Plus they have different types of finishes and are WAY more affordable at $10 versus Kat Von D’s $25 spray.

I’m still curious to know how Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray is. Has anyone tried Urban Decay vs NYX makeup setting sprays? 

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