The best place to party.

*Concept applicable worldwide

If you go to UBC, or live in Vancouver, or basically anywhere that you can get to the outdoors fast then go. And if you have a car, use it. 

[Photos taken at Wreck Beach on April 1st, 2016]

The weather the last few days has been insane and it’s predicted even better this coming weekend. Classes are out and Block Party is happening this Friday and with graduation parties just around the corner, wanna know the best place to party? Outdoors.

Why? There’s no cover, beautiful views, BYOB (shh), vitamin D, and you can get some pretty amazing photos.  Plus being outside is just fun… There are so many places around Vancouver to go to, from Lynn Canyon to Lighthouse Park. I’m pretty sure if you Google it someone has already posted a list.

Ok maybe not so easy to find (I tried -ish)… But here are places I’ve liked that are close (-ish, some by car):

  • Lynn Canyon
  • Lighthouse Park
  • Wreck Beach
  • Grouse (do the grind, just do it)
  • Spanish Banks
  • English Bay
  • Stanley Park
  • Kits Beach
  • Bowen Island

I also like being outside because it’s something that all people from all places like to do. It’s something that brings everyone together from all aspects of life.

So do it. Go party outside because spring is here and summer is coming. Grab a few friends and a bottle of wine and enjoy this sun and the outdoors.


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