12″ Macbook: Review

Last June, I switched from a 13″ Macbook Pro that I had bought in 2010 to the new 12″ Macbook. I was a little hesitant to make the purchase at first because having no CD drive, USB ports, HDMI ports or anything really seemed quite limiting. It’s almost been a year since I bought the new Macbook and I could not have been more wrong.

I love everything about this laptop:

  1. The size, shape and weight of the Macbook is perfect. It’s unbelievably light (2 pounds less than my old laptop!) and very thin – perfect for anyone who constantly has their laptop on them. I’m a student, so I was able to carry this baby around everywhere. The keyboard is also very flat which took some getting used to but I love it now. I find other keyboards far too bulky now. I ordered a really thin case from Etsy too. I love the case because it’s just as thin as the laptop and doesn’t bulk it up. 
  2. The Retina display. Everything on my laptop looks so crispy and colourful. Sometimes I will literally chose my Macbook over my smart TV to watch movies, just because the display is so nice. I also use photoshop a lot for work and play, so the Retina comes in handy.
  3. The charger is exponentially thinner and lighter. It actually looks a lot like the iPhone/iPad chargers, just a lot longer. The battery life also great!

You may think that you need all of these ports and CD drives on your laptop, but think about how often you really use them? It’s bet it’s rarely. I still occasionally use USB and HDMI since you are able to buy adapters to hook up almost anything you want.

I’m no computer science major so I can’t speak about the processor or memory with much knowledge, but I do know this computer seems pretty on point. I bought the MacBook with the smallest processor (do you even say it like that?) and the least amount of storage too and I’ve had absolutely no issues with it being laggy or slow. That being said, I don’t download movies and crap on my laptop so if you’re someone who downloads a lot, you may want some more storage!

Apple is going to be coming out with some new products soon so you might wanna wait to buy anything, but don’t eliminate this laptop from your options just because you’re scared to lose some ports and drives. Who knows? You may learn you actually don’t need them, just like I did. 

2 thoughts on “12″ Macbook: Review

  1. I love how sleek Apple makes their products! I just got myself an iPad mini 4:) I love how small it is and it fits in my tiny purse.


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