Managing Stress: Keep a Diary.


My aunt gave me this great idea a few years ago. She told me she kept a diary and briefly kept a record of what she did on each day as it’s a great way to look back and reflect on her life.

I decided to do the same, except also keep track of my moods, dreams, goals and more. Doing so, I’ve been able to see how they change or stay the same over time. I’ve also noticed it’s a really great way to deal with stress and anxiety. Being able to keep track of the days you feel stressed with what you were doing that day can really give insight into what makes you makes you feel that way and even what behaviours you can do to help.

This is even better for noticing the patterns in things you enjoy. It may seem obvious, but sometimes we don’t even realize what actually makes us happy. We’re so caught up in trying to achieve happiness that we don’t reflect on what has already made us happy. Writing these things down can help you see those patterns :)

I got this little journal from Forever 21. It was just under $10 which was a little pricey, but the leather exterior is great since it protects the pages well. I can throw this diary in my purse and take it with me everywhere!

Necklace: TopShop

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4 thoughts on “Managing Stress: Keep a Diary.

  1. I completely agree that jotting down your feelings and thoughts help a lot with anxiety and stress! Kinda the reason I started a blog:) Penning Poems helps too:)


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