Summer Bod.

IMG_5430 copy (1)Summer is coming. That means it’s time to strip off the layers and show off your bikini body! Here are some methods I’ve used to lose weight and stay in shape:

  1. Water – drinking water is so important, not only for weight loss but also for your overall health. Drinking water helps to hydrate your body – and since our bodies are about 60% water it’s important we stay hydrated! We often also confuse thirst with hunger. Try and have a glass of water before you open the snack cupboard – you may notice you weren’t even hungry! I also suggest having a glass of water before each meal – you’ll feel full quicker! I have a tendency to over eat, so this really helps!
  2. Tea – it’s pretty much water, except yummier! There are also a lot of great teas that can help cleanse the body. I really love David’s Tea – their “Organic Skinny” tea contains ginger which is an appetite suppressant!
  3. Exercise – it’s super important that you get your body moving. That 30 mins/3 times a week thing you heard growing up is true. That doesn’t mean going to a gym, or running non-stop. It can be as simple as going for a walk. There is always some kind of physical activity for everyone – swimming, yoga, biking, dancing, climbing, football, shopping even. Any activity that gets your blood flowing and your body sweating is important in staying healthy!
  4. Food – I hate counting calories. I think it’s an ineffective way to lose weight. Instead, I suggest just watching what you eat. There are certain foods/drinks I cut immediately out of my dietfast food, junk food, white carbs, sodas, beer, most alcohol. Without even trying, I lost 8 pounds by simply cutting these things from my diet. That’s not to say I don’t have cheat days, and I definetly still drink. Want an alcoholic drink option that won’t make you put on the pounds? Double vodka, soda, lime. Yes. Double. 
  5. Weight Training – shedding pounds isn’t always the goal. While losing weight is important, building muscle is equally important. Keeping our bodies strong and toned help to keep us healthy, both mentally and physically. Weight training for women is also important since it may help prevent osteoporosis! Plus… how bout that booty?  

So I’m not a personal trainer or weight loss specialist or dietitian or anything – take everything I say with a grain of salt. That being said, I have lost 15 pounds in the last year and a half by using the steps above! Remember, results don’t happen over night. Don’t get frustrated – just keep working! The days you feel the worst are the days you need to work the hardest.

Stay tuned! I’ll be doing some posts on healthy meal options.

Shorts: Forever 21

Sports Bra: lululemon

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