Summer, Sunshine & Sunscreen

For some reason, when I was growing up sunscreen was always thought of as uncool. But it’s actually the coolest stuff around, especially since it can protect your skin from sunburn, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

IMG_5421Putting sunscreen on your face is extremely important. I use a foundation that has SPF20 in it everyday, but as summer approaches I was looking for something a little stronger. I recently purchased Tartegaurd from Sephora in SPF30 and have been quite impressed so far. I had been looking for a face sunscreen that worked well under make up and found many other brands to be extremely oily and all had a strong sunscreen smell. Not this one! Tartegaurd is light, moisturizing, and not too smelly at all. It doesn’t look greasy and hasn’t made my skin break out. I also have very sensitive skin and find this product doesn’t cause irritation and actually cools my skin.

Sunscreen for your lips is important too! Just like your face, your lips can get burnt, chapped and damaged by the sun. Look for a lip balm that has some SPF in it. I really like using Baby Lips by Maybelline – they come in different shades, have SPF 20 and are sold at most drug stores.

Don’t forget about the simple things, like wearing a hat or sunglasses. These are another couple ways to protect yourself from the sun while also looking good. Check out my last post on how you can get designer shades for 70% off as a UBC student!

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