How to Survive an Overnight Flight

IMG_5437Overnight flights are brutal. They seem to last forever and being comfortable is nearly impossible, but I’ve come up with some ways on how to survive:

  1. Dress for comfort: This may seem obvious but dressing comfortably and looking good isn’t too hard. Just throw on some leggings with a t-shirt, an oversized sweater and some sneakers. Maybe a hat, if you like to hide your face like me, haha. I like bringing a pair of sunglasses too so you can throw those on when you get off the flight!
  2. Bring a blanket scarf: Not all flights carry blankets and it’s heavy and frustrating to carry one around with you. Just bring a large blanket scarf with you! This can double up as a pillow and a blanket. I got both the sunglasses and scarf pictured from H&M. This scarf is nude pink and lightweight which is great for summer traveling!
  3. Book a window seat: Just make sure you use the bathroom before and try not to have anything to drink for a couple hours before you board. Once you’re in your window seat, you’ll have something to lean against! This makes sleeping much easier.
  4. Moisturize: Bring all the moisturizer. Planes are super dry places so make sure you bring hand lotion, face moisturizer, lip balm and whatever
    else you make need! I
    really enjoy using Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh (available at Sephora)-
    they have SPF and are a little tinted which is great for on the go! They’re a little pricey (around $28 Canadian) but are great quality and last a lifetime.
  5. Bring a book: The movies are great, but looking at a screen isn’t always the best way to fall asleep. Reading a book will entertain you while allowing your mind to relax and giving your eyes a break from technology. I’m currently reading Year of Yes by Shona Rhimes and I love it so far!

I wrote these tips because I’m flying from Vancouver to Bahamas tonight! Stay tuned for some blog posts from the Bahamas.

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6 thoughts on “How to Survive an Overnight Flight

  1. I get so dehydrated on planes and the first place I start to feel it is in my lips and I naturally want to drink and drink and drink water. Which of course leads to…restroom trips. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the tips!


    1. Haha same here, I’ve learned to limit the water a couple hours before flying! Just little sips when I’m really thirsty and loads of lip balm! Mints and gum help too :) Thanks for the comment!

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