Exuma, Bahamas: Day 1

I have arrived safely and day 1 in Exuma, Bahamas has been a success! Our resort, The Grand Isle Resort, is absolutely stunning. The staff are incredible, the villas are perfect. The only problem is that it’s supposed to be raining tomorrow. Let’s see what exploring we can do in a storm!

Today, my sister and I were tired from the gruelling 24 hour journey so we decided to take it easy and just relax by the pool with some drinks and food, then hit the beach!

When you come to Exuma, make sure you visit a grocery store right away. The island is very spread out and the food at this resort is VERY pricey. Too pricey.

I decided to wear my new American Apparel one piece. I’ve never been much of an American Apparel fan. I’ve always been a little hesitant to buy from them because of their ads and expensive products. That being said, I recently purchased their Halter one-piece swimsuit and fell in love. I have a really hard time finding bathing suits that fit my girls well, especially ones with plunging necklines. But this suit fits pretty snug, plus I can get some side-boob without slippage, haha! And the bum is a little cheeky…. ;) If you try it on in store, make sure you but one a little bit tighter, as they do stretch quite a bit!

IMG_3804Remember! Don’t put your swimwear in the washer or dryer. Wash them by hand and let them air dry! This will make them last much longer and keep the elasticity.

I just threw on a pair of denim shorts with lace and a sheer kimono from Forever 21. I absolutely love this kimono because of the mesh frills and the design on the back. Kimonos are a perfect way to cover up and stay cool!

Look out for two awesome posts to come this week. I will be diving with sharks and swimming with pigs!

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