Exuma, Bahamas: Swimming Pigs!

If you haven’t heard, there is an island in the Bahamas that is home to many pigs and piglets. It’s informal name? Pig beach. It’s one of the most surreal experiences ever. Pulling up to a beautiful island with white sand and clear, turquoise waters and seeing gigantic pigs! And they don’t stay in the sand, they will come in the ocean and swim! Yes, they can swim! They will swim right up to you, so you can pet and feed them.

Even better, if you go onto the beach there are baby piglets! You can hold them, give the cuddles, and then give them back to their mamas. I didn’t used to be much of a pig person, until I held a piglet on pig island! They were so sweet – a tiny piglet even fell asleep in my arms.

I went on a “007” boat tour with Exuma Water Sports, owned by local Bahamian, Ray. During the tour, we visited pig island, an island with endangered iguana, we snorkeled, took a short hike up to the highest point in Exuma, and enjoyed local Bahamian beer on board. We even had the pleasure of seeing a small pod of dolphins! What was really great about this tour was that everywhere we visited was remote. Not once did I feel like I was in a tourist trap. Taylor Swift even went on this tour! Ray was an excellent host and everyone on board had a great time. A big thank you to Exuma Water Sports! It was a day to remember.

If you plan on coming to the Bahamas anytime soon, I highly recommend taking a trip over to Exuma. I think you can even take a day trip from any of the other islands! Many people decide to do day trips since the island itself is not very developed. My family and I decided to stay a few days since we are all love scuba and decided to do a few dives!

Stay tuned – a post on diving with sharks is next!

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