The Right Bikini for your Body Type

Shopping for swimwear can be frustrating. You have to look at your own body, and that can be hard since we are our harshest critics. But bikini shopping can be made easier when you know what to look for!

I have always been tall, with a small frame and large bust. As such, I chose bikinis that have bold/patterned bottoms and a more neutral top. Doing so draws the attention away from my top half and towards my lower half! I also like using bikini bottoms with frills, ruffles and ruching.

You don’t always have to have matching tops and bottoms. The mix-matched look is always in! And it often helps to suit different needs to different body types. If you are more concerned about IMG_5597your bum and flat on top, wear neutral bottoms and a bold top! Wearing eye catching patterns/pieces will draw attention away from your problem areas! 

This is one of my favourite bikini duos right now: 

TOP: H&M $19.99 CAD

BOTTOMS: La Vie en Rose $29.95 CAD


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