Exuma, Bahamas: Diving with Sharks!

I fulfilled one of my life goals – scuba diving with sharks! My family and I dived with Dive Exuma. They offer many dive packages, including a dive site at Shark Reef. This reef is home to 15 – 20 Grey Reef Sharks!  We were the only people on the dive and it was like having a private charter!

On the hour long boat journey out to the reef, we came across a a huge feeding frenzy! It was like something from National Geographic. There were seagulls and bonito fish and probably a lot more under the water that we couldn’t see! The guys from Dive Exuma cast a line into the water and trolled for about an hour. We managed to catch 3 bonito, two for shark bait and one for dinner. 

The dive at the reef itself was good, nothing too incredible. I have dived in Grand Cayman, Bermuda, Hawaii and British Columbia before so I have a lot to compare it too. But the sharks – they were great! Before doing the dive, I was a little nervous but I really had no reason to be. The sharks were very peaceful under the water, just minding their own business. They are quite beautiful creatures.

It wasn’t until after we finished the dive that we decided to feed them from the boat. This was when the sharks went crazy! We used the fishing line to feed chunks of bonito to the sharks. As you can imagine, I had the best time of my life. A huge thank you to the guys who took us out with Dive Exuma.

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