IUD: 3 Month Update

[Disclaimer] This post discusses women’s reproductive health. If you have a problem with that, or think periods are “gross” or that any of this is “TMI”, please kindly go love yourself elsewhere. Also, I am not a doctor and this has only been my experience. 

Here is my very requested update! It’s been three months since I first got Mirena and I must say my experience has been great, despite that horrible initial reaction I had.  I went back to the doctor to see what had happened, and they said a nerve must have been pinched causing a more severe reaction than normal. Despite that first day, things have been great! There is no other way for me to describe my experience than to list the pro’s and con’s of Mirena over the last few months:


PRO: I don’t have to worry about taking a pill everyday! I was pretty good with taking my pill everyday when I was on the regular old birth control pill, but now it’s one less thing I have to worry about. This is great for traveling too! Plus, it’s amazing to say “nothing” when asked what medication I’m on!

PRO: My periods are SUPER LIGHT – so light I rarely even need to use a tampon. And it usually lasts a few days! This is a HUGE change from before. I used to bleed heavily for up to 8 days. I’m literally saving money by not buying a box of tampons every month.

PRO: I’ve lost weight! This may be attributed to living a more healthy lifestyle recently, but I think a lot also has to do with coming off the pill. Keeping that in mind, if you’re switching from a birth control method that has no hormones, you may experience something different. Mirena is such a low dose of hormones that it really should not make you gain weight. Definetly google some other IUD options too.  I know there is one available that lasts 2 or 3 years with even less hormones than Mirena.  Here’s a link to an IUD fact sheet!

PRO: My mood has improved… Don’t know why… but I feel way more in control of my emotions compared to when I was on full hormones.


CON: Spotting. You will spot. Everyone I know who has Mirena says the same thing, and you do. It’s nothing bad, and it’s not all the time. It’s usually accompanied by some mild cramps. Over the last three months, I’ve noticed the spotting has decreased. My friends who have Mirena say this completely subsides in a few more months!

CON: He can feel it. Does it hurt him? No, it shouldn’t. And if it does hurt him? Something isn’t right. Go back to your doctor and ask them to check the wire! That being said, I actually think of this more as a pro. I was thrilled when my boyfriend said he could feel it but I couldn’t. It made him conscious of birth control – something I was conscious of for years yet many guys don’t think twice about. If your partner cares and isn’t even in pain? Consider getting a new partner that respects yo body, gurl. 

So there you have it! My three month update. All in all, I think that first day of pain was worth being protected against pregnancy for the next 5 years! If you’re thinking about getting Mirena, talk to your doctor! Or else, give the Willow Women’s clinic a call! They also have an online booking form to create your Mirena appointment.

Please feel free to comment, email, message me, write me, anything with anymore questions. I’d be more than happy to answer!

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