Halloween Makeup: Slit Throat

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Here is a super easy, cheap costume/makeup idea for halloween.

What you’ll need:

  • A bottle of blood (preferably faux) I got mine here.
  • An outfit you don’t mind ruining (an old white dress works great for an “ex-wife” look)
  • Dark eyeshadows
  • Black eyeliner
  • Foundation
  • Red lipstick


  1. Complete your normal makeup routine, but leave out all bronzer, blush and any other sort of colour. This is to help achieve the “dead” look. To emphasize this even more, apply some purple eyeshadow under your eyes for deep, dark circles. You can also apply some foundation to your lips to make them appear colourless. Alternatively, you can apply a super dark lip for a more goth look!
  2. Begin by taking a black liner and draw a black line across your neck. This is will be where your throat was “slit”. Don’t be afraid to make this line thick!
  3. Apply dark brown, purple, black and/or blue shadows overtop of the line then blend. Apply more and blend more. Repeat. Repeat again. And again.
  4. Go over your original slit line with black eyeliner one more time.
  5. And the shadow again.
  6. Blend, blend, blend. Make sure you blend a couple inches away from the slit line too. The darker and thicker, the better.
  7. Grab your red lipstick and dab some colour around your slit (lol, “your slit”).
  8. Blend blend blend.
  9. Last but not least, apply the blood. Use a long, slim object (I used the end of a makeup brush) to apply blood to the slit. Don’t just dump it out of the bottle because it comes out fast.. Apply a lot, rub it around a little and then apply some more. Be careful because it does stain, hence why you should choose an outfit you no longer want.
  10. Feel free to add a few drops coming from your mouth!

That’s it! Really easy, super cheap, and creepy as hell.

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