Update: My first week in Organos and Mancora

I’ve officially been in Peru for 21 days. And damn… time has flown by! It’s hard to find time to blog about all that has happened and everywhere I’ve been. So for this post, I’ll focus on my first week in the north of Peru in two beach towns called Organos and Mancora.


Organos is a small beach town right outside of Mancora (which tends to be the bigger and more popular). What’s great about Organos is the beach itself – there are amazing waves for surfing and it’s a less popular location meaning there are less people, less trash and more space for you and your friends. (Trash is a huge problem – you’ll see it everywhere and I was that tourist girl picking up the plastic off the beach.) 

A group of friends and I stayed at El Mirador de Punta Valeros. It felt as though we were living right there on the beach. With no windows and an open concept, it was only a few steps from my bed to the ocean. I went to sleep and woke up every day to the sound of ocean waves crashing into the shoreline. I would come downstairs every morning to the main living area (keep in mind this was literally a table, hammocks and a pool, hell yeah) to find freshly squeezed juice and a healthy breakfast. My new friends were slowing waking up. Some were already up and had been down on the beach surfing for an hour. I was literally living life in a bikini.

Keep in mind Mancora and Organos are beach towns that don’t usually sustain a lot of people so the water and electricity supply was sometimes cut short. This made life adventurous, haha. But neither of these things really thaaaaaaat matter when you’re enjoying the sun and the shore.

The view from the pool.
Our bedroom “window” and my OOTD, every day.
The “dining” room.
My favourite reading spot.


Mancora is the main beach town. There are plenty more shops, restaurants, hotels and bars. You find that everyone from Peru likes to travel up north to Mancora for the summer since it’s a fun town with people always around and something always happening. I often found myself relaxing on the beach, collecting shells along the shore, sipping on some coconut water or finding a beach bar to have a few drinks in.

What’s amazing about Mancora is that the main road that cuts through is actually a part of the Panamerican highway. Wanna go back to Lima? Just follow that road south!

Panamerican Highway that cuts right though Mancora with alllllll the motos.


Martin and I decided to splurge the one night we stayed in Mancora and hit up K!CHIC, a relatively new hotel with a pescatarian restaurant. I’m going to be honest… the food was overpriced.

Martin and I ordered La Serranita which comes with a bowl of quinoa (S/.34) and Spaghetti with Shrimp (S/.54) and we shared our dishes. We actually mixed some of the Serrantina (an Andean soup with a lot of flavor) into the pasta dish which was a relatively plain spaghetti.

While both plates were tasty, you are paying more for the location than the food itself. You can see why if you check out their gallery online. Each table has its own little bungalow giving you a secluded private meal.

If you’re looking for a modern place to go with amazing ambiance, give this place a try. If you’re starving, I’d suggest going elsewhere.


I’m now back in Lima and spending my days in Spanish classes while getting used to the day to day life.

New post coming soon on how life has been over here!


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