Grand Cayman Boutique: Vertu

I recently traveled to Grand Cayman for Christmas with my family and discovered a boutique called Vertu!

Shopping when you live on an Island

It’s hard to find places to shop. It’s nothing like North America where you find a mall on every block. Most island shopping consists of local boutiques and selections can be limited. BUT! You can find some pretty cute things if you know the right places to go. PLUS! Shopping local not only helps the local economy but also reduces the carbon footprint that fast fashion creates. 


My sister and I took a drive over to check out Vertu. They had dozens of off shoulder tops, dressed, skirts and more. They even had a wide selection of shoes and purses.

I managed to snag a cute pink off shoulder crop top and a pair of white sandals with gold detail. I’ve worn these sandals to a few beach parties already and they hold up quite well!

The nice thing about Vertu is that they are an upscale boutique with affordable prices. So shopping here won’t make a huge dent in your wallet!

If you’re visiting Cayman for a vacation, consider checking out some of the boutiques and gifting yourself a little something! It’s always nice to have a souvenir that you’ll actually like and use rather to those plastic trinkets all Caribbean islands seem to have.

Inside the Vertu boutique.


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