12 Favourite Spots in Europe

I just returned from spending a month and a half in Europe. I traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Venice and drove along the entire coast of Croatia while taking a quick 2 day stop in Hvar. It’s safe to say I had the time of my life. I wish I could share every single experience I had, but then I would need to write a book. Nonetheless, here are my 10 favourite spots in Europe (in no particular order).

1. Hula Hula Beach Bar, Hvar, Croatia

Walk through fairytale-like walkways along side crystal clear ocean to get to the best beach bar with the best sunset, drinks, and music you will ever see in your life. It gets rowdier and rowdier the later it gets!


2. The Bunkers, Barcelona, Spain

One of the best 360 views of Barcelona you can get. Best to grab a couple bottles of wine, some snacks and grab a spot to watch the sunset. Plus is completely free…

3. Watergate, Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a lot of clubs, some with snooty reps, but I’ve never heard anything negative said about Watergate. Great sound system, two floors, awesome visuals, feminist AF bouncers, good people, decent drinks and can we talk about that outdoor patio space? Castles at sunrise, hell yeah!

4. The Hotel Belvedere, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Explore this huge hotel that was abandoned 20 some years ago during the war! There are loads of hangout spots, cliff jumping, beaches and graffiti galore. Again, it’s free…

5. Stoja, Pula, Croatia

The center of Pula is quite touristy. Hop in the car or rent some bikes and head over to Stoja. Here, we found a beach and some pretty decent cliffs to go cliff jumping. There were also loads of dive boats around. Definitely want to check out the scuba there next time around!

6. Dali Theatre-Museum, Figueres, Spain

I spent my last day in Europe renting a car and driving to Figueres about 2 hours north of Barcelona. This town is home to Salvador Dali’s Theatre Museum where you’ll find a large portion of his collection. The museum was completely designed by the artist himself. Prepare to be wowed.

We also decided to take a stop not too far from Figueres in Cadaqués. Cadaqués is a beautiful little coastal town, probably the most Instagramable place in Spain.

7. Le Perchoir Marais, Paris, France

Rooftop sunset, a view of the Notre Dame and the sparkling Eiffle Tower, yummy drinks, and good music. What more do you need?!

8. Cafe Palanda, Prague, Czech Republic

Okay, let me start off by saying I’m not a burger person. But if you’re ever in Prague, you HAVE to check out this burger joint. My GOD, they are juicy and yummy and the fries OMG yum.

9. Tančící Dům, Prague, Czech Republic

Another roof top! Make your way to the top of this crooked tower (meant to look like dancers), grab a tea and come sit out on the 360 view balcony. You won’t regret this view.

10. The Canals, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rent a bike and spent the day going between museums and shops while stopping to a nap in the park.

11. Venice, Italy

This was the most surreal place I visited. No cars, everyone travels in the canals! But so colorful and beautiful. Plus, there is really yummy pizza on every corner.

12. Champ de Mars, Paris, France

And last but not least, the very first place I went to when I landed in Europe! It’s the cheapest, easiest place to see. Grab a bottle of wine, a baguette, and some cheese and enjoy the view! A great spot to go if you like people watching too. You’ll be feelin’ French!

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